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Food Solutions

CMP provides the following food solutions:

Christ Mission Possible (CMP) is unique in its practical demonstration of the gospel to transform lives to those in need and support and crisis. CMP began its food operations in September 2006 providing hot meals on the streets to people in need around Mt Druitt, and began its Housing Solutions in 2009 with homeless crisis accommodation facilities. For more details go to about CMP

Today, through our loving staff, faithful volunteers and committed partners, we achieve amazing things. In caring for our community, we harvest food that would otherwise be discarded, we believe that good food should not go to waste but should be redirected to those in our communities that require it the most.

  • Harvest & Rescue Food

    We Harvest/Rescue over $15,000,000 every year in food, which equates to over 2,000,000 meals each year. Our Harvest Program takes food that would otherwise go to waste and redistribute this food to people in need.

  • Food Bank

    We provide a Food Bank model were we equip local charities, churches and community groups to support their communities. There is no cost involved as we have a simply philosophy, freely we receive, freely we give!

  • Assertive Outreach Programs

    Through our Assertive Outreach Programs we meet the needs of over 7000 people each week through our street meals, Free Food Shops, School Programs and food hampers.

“Making the impossible Possible is an initiative to transform lives through the power of Jesus Christ. We show outrageous love to those in need and support the most vulnerable in critical times of homelessness, abuse, addiction, hunger and crisis.” Martin Beckett - CEO

“Food Solutions” is one way Christ Mission Possible is making the impossible: POSSIBLE!

View our Food Solutions Brochure