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Work for the Dole


Christ Mission Possible runs five “Work for the Dole” projects through our facilities. The goal of this initiative is to instill new purpose in the lives of those currently unemployed as well as to equip participants with new “work ready” skills. With these new skills and experience gained, we hope to see participants gain employment.

These programs run in 6-month intervals and strive to bridge the “experience gap” that predominantly affects workers in the 18-29 age group.

Participants are taught skills appropriate to their project along with OH&S practices and are able to use either their supervisor or “Work for the Dole” Coordinator as a professional referee to improve their employability.

Christ Mission Possible currently runs five projects:
•    Cleaning and Maintenance Crew in conjunction with our Emergency Accommodation
•    Warehousing as part of Food Solutions
•    The Kitchen also as part of Food Solutions at the weekly food events
•    The Rock Café
•    Administration

Each participant is held to the same expectations as staff of CMP and are all rostered on shifts in accordance to the hours set by their Job Services Australia provider (JSA).

The JSA’s we currently work with are:
•    WISE Employment
•    Max Solutions
•    Max Employment
•    PVS Workfind
•    Salvo’s E-Plus

We aim to instill a sense of community across all projects as teams are required to build trusting relationships as they work together. Mutual respect and friendship is promoted with the participants and their supervisors as well as their peers. We strive to demonstrate God’s love as we work with each participant to change lives. We train participants in work ethics, confidence, leadership, responsibility and accountability while providing practical experience.

We find that participants feel their perspectives on charity; purpose and life in general are changed as they progress through the program and many will frequently continue on with us as volunteers well after they have finished their placement.

“Work For The Dole” is another way Christ Mission Possible is making the impossible: POSSIBLE!